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by Bertucci Cucine |September 6, 2017 |0 Comments | Blogs | Are you amongst the ones residing in small homes and struggling to glam up your entire space? Well, now, worry no more! We, at Bertucci Decore, are known for best of the interior designs in Delhi NCR and are proud to serve the best of our work to all our clients. Let us take a quick look into some of the best interior design ideas to quirk up the spaces within your small homes and flats: 1. OPTING FOR DUAL TONE COLOR INTERIORSAn enticing way to brighten up the dull spaces within your tiny homes is to use 2 tonnes in the best of the combinations. An ideal choice would be to use white and red color theme that brightens your entire home space.2. USE OF PANED WINDOWSWindows are a great way to create an illusion of extra space within your tiny little room. Go for these paned windows with white panels to create a great space illusion making your room look elegant.3.INVESTING IN SMART AND MULTI FUNCTIONALITY FURNITUREYou can easily opt for a smart furniture that can be converted into a bed and a lounge chair both at the same time. Additionally, foldable beds, work desks, and tables are a great way to make use of the limited space within your home.4. DECORATING CEILING WITH BEAUTIFUL BOOK SHELVESDoesn’t matter if you do not wish to invest in a separate book shelf that eats most of the space in your living room. You can easily use the ceiling space in these rooms and create a cozy reading corner to relax and rejuvenate.5. CHOOSE RACKS AND TRAYS ON KITCHEN COUNTERTOPSIf you struggle with storing essential elements in your kitchen countertop and do not want to store them in drawers, create racks and place trays to store glasses and utensils that are functional and stylish both at the same time.6. BUILT-IN BED FOR KID’s ROOMCreate cut-outs in your kid’s wardrobe and carve out a stylish and comfortable bed. Not only does it look really attractive, it is also space efficient at the same time. For extra utility, invest in kid’s book shelves and a cozy study corner adjacent to the bed.7. UTILIZING CORNER SOFA FOR A SMALL DINING AREAAn ideal way to make use of a fully functional dining area is to use corner sofa as one side of the dining table. It perfectly utilizes the sofa section and does not take much of a space in your dining room too.8. OPTING FOR A MIX OF PATTERNS IN THE LIVING ROOMChoosing a blend of different patterns within your living room space makes the room look spacious. You can use a combination of mirrors, patterned upholstery and rugs to create a stylish space in your living room.9.WALL MOUNTED TV CABINET WITH STORAGEIt is preferable to opt for a wall mounted TV to prevent consuming too much of the floor space. You can also add additional shelves in the cabinet to store items and complement the design with the patterns available on the walls.10. STAIR DRAWERSEspecially for the homes that have an indoor stairway, you can utilize the stairs to create storage facility. This is a smart way to make your stairway functional and stylish.