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Designing your kid’s room can be one of the most daunting


, but it can be super exciting too if done in smart ways. One should never forget that your little ones deserve a cozy place that they can call their own. Whether it is about designing uber stylish nurseries, or it revolves around decorating stylish hangout place for your growing teens, it is crucial to pay heed to essential elements to design a one-of-a-kind creative space for your young ones, that they would love to keep coming back to.


One fruitful tactic to keep in mind, while designing your kid’s room, which is so much in vogue these days is to use thrifted antiques combined with vintage fabrics that are easy on the eyes and look refreshing for long years. Shunning ready to assemble furniture, especially for the kids’ corner is something one can always try doing. Heirlooms can be added as well,so that it grows along with your child and look chic all the while.


Incorporating handmade touches can be another crucial aspect to prep up your kid’s room. It does not necessarily have to be expensive and the fact that they are made by someone in the family adds a personal and emotional touch to the room aesthetics. Animal or birds figurines attached to

a long strings and hung in different corners of the room can be a remarkable suggestion here.


As far as the color tone goes, it is advisable to consider your kid’s personal inclination as well. If they are allowed to voice out their personal choices, they feel inclusive and will have a feeling of living in their own space. Most often, they end up picking colors that reflect their age and imagination so it is better to let creativity flow in across their room and make them feel their opinions matter.


Kids love to be taken seriously and they acknowledge when parents go an extra mile for them. The same holds true for their furniture as well. Small tactics can leave a lasting impact on their minds leaving them all smiles. Opt for decorative artwork for finishing touches on their furniture and it sure is going to be an icing on the cake for them. A separate play section is also a smart way of decorating your kid’s room. It can include elements like bubble chairs and lots of empty spaces to encourage them to play that looks attractive to a great extent.




is important for your child, studies cannot be ignored too. Include a smart study space in your kid’s room that takes him back to a zone of optimum concentration. Utilize small areas in your kid’s room like the space between their closets, add custom made desk and a cute and comfortable chair and your


study space is ready in no time. Adding floating shelves can prove to be a great element to store your kid’s books and


, inculcating organizational skills in them. Create a theme in the room that reflects their personality, the popular ones being


zone with tin-built treehouse and a ladder cum slide for the extra touches. In short, the more customization the room has, the more you are spreading smiles around.


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Gone are the days when families used to rely on carpenters to build their kitchens in traditional ways. With the boom in urbane lifestyle these days, the traditional kitchens are going through makeovers. Families are increasingly embracing kitchen designs that rope in a great deal of utility as well as aesthetics to the entire house. Modular Kitchens have proved to be a design hub for your traditional style cooking arena. And with their ever-increasing demand, we are tempted to bring to you some of the benefits they offer to encourage you to ditch the carpenter and choose them any day. Let us have a look.


First and foremost, modular kitchen designs are completely easy to install and is a trendy way to maximize your storage area with minimal footprint. The plenty of design options that come with Modular kitchens have made them an indispensable part of all modern households that are so hard to resist.


The most enticing feature of a Modular kitchen design is that they are easy to customize in accordance to the needs of the customers. On the basis of space availability, your personal taste of décor and budgetary needs, it is easy to design the kitchen for you. Whether it is coordinating your kitchen with the right color scheme that goes well with your entire house, or adding additional elements in your kitchen, any type of customization can be done at your fingertips.


Hiring carpenters has become old fashioned these days. Not only is this practice time-consuming, it also disrupts the activities in the entire house owing to renovation being carried out in the kitchen. However, the individual components of a modular kitchen are built in factories and all it needs is to be fitted inside the kitchen making the entire process simple and hassle free. And the best part is that the complete process takes less than a month to finish, saving a great deal of time.


Modular Kitchens are available in plenty of designs and finishes that are classy and elegant and can suit the personal preferences of an individual. Be it urbane inspired look, or serene customized designs, modular kitchen encompasses it all. So one can never fall short of designs to choose from and style their kitchen in the most luxurious ways.




No matter how stylish your kitchen is, one always needs ample storage space for all the items. With a modular kitchen design, there can never be a dearth of storage space with plenty of options for customized shelves, cabinets and drawers. With sufficient space, it would be super easy to organize your kitchenware items, cooking in the kitchen easy and hassle free. Additionally, your kitchen will look spic and span at all times.


With traditional style kitchens, we all have notices small portions of spaces at the corners or tiny spaces being wasted meaninglessly. However, with Modular kitchen designs, this issue can be easily catered to with shelves that occupy the unutilized spaces easily. In some designs, it is even possible to fit appliances along the walls or shelves, making it a unique solution in itself.

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Kitchen is one of the most essential elements of your home and it comes in varying shapes and sizes, depending on the size of the family and customers’ personal preferences. Time and again, extensive research has led to countless intricate details that are unique to Indian kitchens. And one such unique design available for the urbane kitchens these days is the Modular Kitchen design.


Whether you are moving into your dream house or planning to refurbish your old kitchen, Modular style kitchens are becoming increasingly popular amongst masses these days. These are in-vogue, look elegant and goes with the urbane look of your house that you have always wanted. Modern families, especially the

upper class

ones, are opting to bring a new dimension into their kitchen by going Modular in terms of design and assembly. Now when we know these modular kitchens are so much in demand, let us understand what they exactly mean.


A ‘Modular Kitchen’ encompasses designs that are made of standardized components that fit together easily. The modularity in their designs subdivides a large system into smaller modules that can be independently created and then utilized in different systems to drive


of functionalities. With the help of their off-shelf options, different interior designers or architects are able to assemble their own plan. Modular kitchens are increasingly becoming


of a perfect blend of modernist dream escape and culinary powerhouse. The extent of freedom and customization that modular designs offer is exemplary and is adored by urbane population these days to a great extent.


Modular kitchens, owing to the ease of their assembly,


you in making the most of the available space, allowing room for plenty of storage with a minimal footprint. There are

a plenty

of kitchen units options available at a customer’s disposal that makes it easy for him to choose the best that suits his needs and space available. One can select from a range of kitchen accessories, shutter finishes,

counter top

finishes, cabinet materials, base units, bottle units, corner units, sink units, wall units


tall units and there seems to be no dearth of options to choose from.


Modular Kitchens are a rational take on all spaces. These are available in different styles and desires thanks to the wide range of product designs available in the market these days. In simplest terms, modular kitchens are the shortcut to a new kitchen as it makes the task of making a new kitchen quick and easy. Most of the time, the cabinets come pre-fixed with doors, drawers


shelves. Additional elements like knobs, handles, countertops, faucet


appliances are added at a later stage depending upon a customer’s individual preferences.


These portable modular kitchens offer

cost effective

solutions to the available space requirements for the purpose of cooking, preparation or servicing. These kitchen designs can be large or small, long term or short term, functional or elegant and every other thing that a consumer aspire for.


by Bertucci Cucine |September 6, 2017 |0 Comments | Blogs | Are you amongst the ones residing in small homes and struggling to glam up your entire space? Well, now, worry no more! We, at Bertucci Decore, are known for best of the interior designs in Delhi NCR and are proud to serve the best of our work to all our clients. Let us take a quick look into some of the best interior design ideas to quirk up the spaces within your small homes and flats: 1. OPTING FOR DUAL TONE COLOR INTERIORSAn enticing way to brighten up the dull spaces within your tiny homes is to use 2 tonnes in the best of the combinations. An ideal choice would be to use white and red color theme that brightens your entire home space.2. USE OF PANED WINDOWSWindows are a great way to create an illusion of extra space within your tiny little room. Go for these paned windows with white panels to create a great space illusion making your room look elegant.3.INVESTING IN SMART AND MULTI FUNCTIONALITY FURNITUREYou can easily opt for a smart furniture that can be converted into a bed and a lounge chair both at the same time. Additionally, foldable beds, work desks, and tables are a great way to make use of the limited space within your home.4. DECORATING CEILING WITH BEAUTIFUL BOOK SHELVESDoesn’t matter if you do not wish to invest in a separate book shelf that eats most of the space in your living room. You can easily use the ceiling space in these rooms and create a cozy reading corner to relax and rejuvenate.5. CHOOSE RACKS AND TRAYS ON KITCHEN COUNTERTOPSIf you struggle with storing essential elements in your kitchen countertop and do not want to store them in drawers, create racks and place trays to store glasses and utensils that are functional and stylish both at the same time.6. BUILT-IN BED FOR KID’s ROOMCreate cut-outs in your kid’s wardrobe and carve out a stylish and comfortable bed. Not only does it look really attractive, it is also space efficient at the same time. For extra utility, invest in kid’s book shelves and a cozy study corner adjacent to the bed.7. UTILIZING CORNER SOFA FOR A SMALL DINING AREAAn ideal way to make use of a fully functional dining area is to use corner sofa as one side of the dining table. It perfectly utilizes the sofa section and does not take much of a space in your dining room too.8. OPTING FOR A MIX OF PATTERNS IN THE LIVING ROOMChoosing a blend of different patterns within your living room space makes the room look spacious. You can use a combination of mirrors, patterned upholstery and rugs to create a stylish space in your living room.9.WALL MOUNTED TV CABINET WITH STORAGEIt is preferable to opt for a wall mounted TV to prevent consuming too much of the floor space. You can also add additional shelves in the cabinet to store items and complement the design with the patterns available on the walls.10. STAIR DRAWERSEspecially for the homes that have an indoor stairway, you can utilize the stairs to create storage facility. This is a smart way to make your stairway functional and stylish.
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by Bertucci Cucine |August 24, 2017 |0 Comments | Blogs, Uncategorized | , Bertucci Decore is proud to be one of the leading providers of authentic and unique Modular kitchen Designs. Being one of the most sought after Modular kitchen manufacturer in the country, our unique and latest kitchen designs are well suited for a kitchen of any shape or size. Our unique kitchen interior designs have wooed clients from all over the country and we guarantee best of our work each time. Let us take a look into some of the latest trends in modular kitchens that you can style with kitchen space with: 
Opting for contrasting kitchen cabinets adds a unique visual appeal to your kitchen space making it fun and elegant, both at the same time. An ideal way to add more depth to the four corners of your kitchen space, one can easily choose from a range of color options for their kitchen cabinets like red, neon, mustard and so on.
Adding a great rustic and enticing look to your kitchen space, this unique black design in the modular kitchen is a fun and quirky way to spice up your kitchen. Combining contemporary designs and unique styles to the black design is just what you need right now.
Always a favorite for the décor experts, this unique oblong shaped kitchen countertop breaks all stereotypes from the usual straight and soft shapes and renders a whole new look for your kitchen.
What better way to add life to your own kitchen space than to add fresh plants and green elements straight from your garden area. Create your own mini garden within the kitchen space by opting for great looking pots that you can magnetically attach or arrange in a linear way.
Kitchen space is no longer restricted to cooking and has slowly emerged to allow interactions to grow. And this unique design does that with élan by adding a detached counter over the central platform for friends and family to gather for a memorable time.
Opting for decorative tiles at random places of your choice within your kitchen space is another enticing way to bring life to your kitchen space. These tiles can be used in any dynamic configuration, be it on the floor, as part of the cabinets or even as a unique wall pattern.
To make the best use of your constrained kitchen space, opt for pull-out cabinets that guarantee easy accessibility even on the most inaccessible areas of your kitchen. These designs can be easily folded, lifted or even flipped to facilitate maximum comfort and style.
These smallest elements within your kitchen space deserve every bit of attention. New designs in copper handles are a perfect solution to the dark background and add the right amount of sophistication and style to your kitchen space.