More often than not, styling experts take extra care in designing the most favorite room in the house, the room that sets us for a fresh start of the day. We are talking about the quintessential aspect of our house-The Bedrooms. In a fast paced world, one can only wish to come back home to a good night’s sleep in a cozy and comfortable bed that takes him away from the cacophony of the mundane life. And we leave no stone unturned to glam up your bedroom in the most stylish ways that you might have envisioned only in your dreams.

At Bertucci Decore, we love to go an extra mile to give a classy look to your bedrooms that you can be so proud of. Be it bedrooms furniture for your relaxation or storage spaces to keep all your precious things organized, we offer countless unique solutions that are hard for you to find elsewhere. We offer to all our wonderful guests myriad of bed options that are not only comfortable, but they also ooze out sheer class and elegance just by looking at them. We have no dearth of bed options including beds with and without storage, upholstered beds, hydraulic storage beds, bunk beds and beds for kids, futons any many others. We make it convenient for you to utilize your bed spaces for storage so you can always find your things just when you need them the most.

As far as the storage is concerned, apart from the space provided in the beds, we also cater to several other storage options in your bedrooms including modular wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedside tables, mirrors, bedroom benches and other bedrooms accessories. With warm and dim lighting to set the tone of the décor to soft textiles for you to snuggle up in, we are a one-stop shop for all your bedroom’s essentials. And at a price that will leave your jaw dropping. Because only we know what dreams are made of and we wish for you to weave your dreams in the comfort of your bedroom, exclusively designed by us.

We not only cater to your bedroom essentials, but we also take extra efforts to glam up the décor for your bedroom that is a true reflection of your charm and persona. We provide a range of décor items including a wide range of beautiful bedside lamps, curtains, cushions, carpets, floor and table lamps sheets is and much more that gives your bedroom a subtle yet classy look. All our designs are inspired from Italian designs and are contemporary and stylish, both at the same time.

Just when we give options for your bedrooms designs, we feel kids should not be left out too. Interestingly, we also provide exclusive style options for your kids’ bedrooms right from their own bed, crib beds, cribs, their own storage space and not to forget, their own study table and chairs set. After all, kids demand a lot more these days and who else can understand that better, if not us!