For most of us with a penchant for doing their home décor in the most stylish and elegant ways, Bathroom décor is one segment that entices us all the most. With countless styling options and loads of accessories to play around, Bathroom is the best place for our creativity prowess to galore in its full swing. And we leave no stone unturned to make the coziest section of your home come alive with our tons of styling options and décor ideas, that are sure to leave you stunned and asking for more.

Who might have thought that the teeny weeny place could serve as the hub for the most innovative and stylish ways to doll up your space that would keep you from visiting it again and again. Be it the range of stylish bathroom sinks, or vanities in different styles and designs, to shower areas, we make sure to offer you the best in class designs that leave your bath space bright and beachy. After all, home is where your heart lies and a happy home stems from a happy bath space that you can so proudly call your own.

While picking up the most stylish bathroom accessories, one needs to keep in mind the color tone of the adjacent areas and also the colors that soothe you the best. We encounter people who love to spend significant early minutes of their day in that space and introspect into a lot of ideas so we would love to make sure that space is peaceful and serene enough to make you crave for some more of the peaceful time. Choose your bathroom sink that gives a fresh and tidy look at all times. Including storage space beneath the sink area to store your excess towels and napkins to make things look organized.

Bathroom vanities are so much in vogue these days with the lady in the house spending long hours dressing her up. And if the place is well decorated and artistically created, there is no such feeling that matches the feel of spending time in that space. Choose the size of the vanity that goes well with the space available. Because even a teeny weeny vanity can do wonders if styled in a perfect way and kept at the right place. The vanity finish should be such that it complements the overall color theme of your bathroom. Choose and decorate your vanity top with the right kind of accessories that perfectly gel with your entire theme and nothing looks too much over the top.

One can consider pairing up the vanity region with perfectly shaped and sized bathroom-mirror that is a true reflection of one’s personal choice and taste in décor. An increasingly new trend available these days is a mirror-cum shelves style that makes the most of the use of your bathroom space and helps in storing those quintessential items as well. A rack on either side is a must have to store other accessories and even some items of décor to glam up your space.

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