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At bertucci decor, we combine aesthetic appeal to showcase new and efficient home solutions for our customers. Modular kitchen straight design is best suited for small living spaces such as dorms, lofts, apartments, and flats. Closets, fridge, basin, equipment, and tabletop are all fixed to one wall. Our Straight Modular Kitchen specialize in house interior design and home decor, and can assist you in creating a unique home that fits your lifestyle. We’re here to help you find the greatest home decor and home design to match your needs and style, from elegant living room ideas to space-saving and fuss free interior decoration.

Our interior design team works with you to develop modular kitchens that you’ll love based on your vision, lifestyle, and budget. Straight kitchen designs Delhi NCR are so common in the trending list today! This kitchen arrangement employs a single work line, with the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator all being placed side by side. One of the simplest and most practical kitchen layouts is the linear kitchen plan. The one-wall kitchen is a popular design for studios and tiny apartments. The kitchen triangle saves both space and money when it is carefully placed along a single wall.

Modern Straight Kitchen Design

In larger apartments, the arrangement might potentially be used as a second kitchen. The planning step of kitchen setup is vital and should not be rushed. You can choose the small straight kitchen design depending on the size of your kitchen. If you only have a single wall to work with, go for a classic straight kitchen unit. If you have enough room, you can install a small island or table to provide more counter space for meal preparation. Your home will have a sophisticated and refined aspect thanks to the kitchen’s simple design. It makes the best possible use of a small house’s limited area. Because fewer components are used, the cost of installation and materials for a straight kitchen are much lower. For a luxurious, less-is-more-themed kitchen, this allows you to select higher-end or better-quality wood for your kitchen interior designer noida.

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Even if you use the space above and below the countertops, you won’t have much storage space compared to an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen. Modern kitchen equipment that is built in modules or units is known as a modular kitchen. Cabinets with selected standard-size pieces make up this category. Modular kitchens, especially for smaller locations, are designed to optimise usability while also allowing for effective space management. Interior design is the art of changing the decor of your home to style it. You can always hire interior designers to help you with the procedure. You may revamp and save space by decorating your home to look lovely with interior home décor. Indian modular kitchen designs are all talk in today’s world because of its sleek attractive layout planning.

Small Straight Kitchen Design ideas

The method of mixing layout, surfaces, equipment, and design features to create a cooking place that is easy to use and fun to cook and socialise in is known as effective kitchen design. The world of successful kitchen design is a tangle of design ideas, guides, and recommendations as well as a seemingly never-ending supply of expert advice. In India, modern kitchen interior design is more fluid and harmonious. Cabinets have profile handles or are push-to-touch, and there are more inbuilt appliances. With its functionality and durability, it’s a solution that simplifies regular kitchen activities. It’s a word for a modern kitchen plan that includes modular units/cabinets constructed of diverse materials that house relevant accessories.

Bertucci Décor Straight Kitchen Interior Designer for small kitchens would be the best choice to opt for if you’re looking to renovate and rebuild your kitchen interiors. This would give a posh look and elegant designs would take your breath away! Interior design is the skill of changing the decor of your home to style it. You can always hire an interior designer to help you with the process. You may revamp and save space in your home by decorating it to be lovely with interior home décor. Modular kitchens allow you to disassemble the entire kitchen, move it to a new apartment, and then reassemble it. It’s as easy as that. Classical kitchens provide a number of issues, and a modular kitchen is a new and imaginative answer.


Who would have imagined that modular kitchens could offer so many design ideas, each one at par in excellence to the other? If you are amongst the ones apprehensive about redecorating your private cooking space, you have reached to the right section. Yes, we are talking about the Straight kitchen designs.

Straight design modular kitchens are the most well suited designs in terms of space availability and a client’s need for customization. Usually most appropriate for kitchens with constrained spaces, these are somewhat closer in terms of looks to Parallel designs, with the main difference being that these come without an elaborate breakfast counter.

The best thing that comes with these designs is the level of sophistication that it can bring into an existing property. These designs makes your kitchen look vivacious with perfectly incorporating tall wall cabinets on the either side of the length of the kitchen.

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Straight Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

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