Your living room has its name that serves a definite purpose. It is that area in your house that reflects who you really are and what your taste and preferences in life are. Remember that someone who comes in from outside might not have the time to explore through all the sections in your home but it is your living room that always sets the first and long lasting impression on your guests that gets embedded in their heart and minds for a very long time.


Kids are on a roll these days and are completely clear in their minds with what they wish for in lives. Be it their choice of clothing, or the subjects they excel in school, they are soaring high and there is nothing that can stop them. So, why should their own personal space at home be left behind? You heard it right! Kids very well know how they want their personal space at home to be and they leave no stone unturned to make the most of the space in the most creative ways that make us adults be super proud of their mini achievements.


More often than not, styling experts take extra care in designing the most favorite room in the house, the room that sets us for a fresh start of the day. We are talking about the quintessential aspect of our house-The Bedrooms. In a fast paced world, one can only wish to come back home to a good night’s sleep in a cozy and comfortable bed that takes him away from the cacophony of the mundane life. And we leave no stone unturned to glam up your bedroom in the most stylish ways that you might have envisioned only in your dreams.


For most of us with a penchant for doing their home décor in the most stylish and elegant ways, Bathroom décor is one segment that entices us all the most. With countless styling options and loads of accessories to play around, Bathroom is the best place for our creativity prowess to galore in its full swing. And we leave no stone unturned to make the coziest section of your home come alive with our tons of styling options and décor ideas, that are sure to leave you stunned and asking for more.


So are you amongst those who find it hard to mix work with pleasure? No, with our exciting new range of office supplies and décor themes, you surely can. Turn your boring office space into a fun filled and exciting area where you can work at peace and feel utmost relaxed at the same time. After all, office time can be fun too, and who knows it better than we do!

Even if it is about work, it does not necessarily have to feel like it. Making your working space comfortable and super stylish is such an easy task. All it takes is a relaxing seating space for your comfort, some super organized décor ideas to give your space a neat and tidy look at all times and the perfect lighting to add composure to the entire ambience. It is that simple, really!


At Bertucci Cucine, we take pride in giving life to your dream kitchen with our world class designs and color themes. Going by the ever increasing needs of Modular Kitchens these days, we boast of the best in class modular kitchen designs that are reasonably priced, supremely durable and ultra-stunning all at the same time. All our designs, especially the ones pertaining to the kitchen, are carefully inspired from Italian designs that speak volumes of elegance and class. So what are you waiting for? Bring in the Italian look right into your own kitchen and you would be in for a great surprise.