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by Bertucci Cucine |June 5, 2017 | Sticky

Designing your kid’s room can be one of the most daunting


, but it can be super exciting too if done in smart ways. One should never forget that your little ones deserve a cozy place that they can call their own. Whether it is about designing uber stylish nurseries, or it revolves around decorating stylish hangout place for your growing teens, it is crucial to pay heed to essential elements to design a one-of-a-kind creative space for your young ones, that they would love to keep coming back to.


One fruitful tactic to keep in mind, while designing your kid’s room, which is so much in vogue these days is to use thrifted antiques combined with vintage fabrics that are easy on the eyes and look refreshing for long years. Shunning ready to assemble furniture, especially for the kids’ corner is something one can always try doing. Heirlooms can be added as well,so that it grows along with your child and look chic all the while.


Incorporating handmade touches can be another crucial aspect to prep up your kid’s room. It does not necessarily have to be expensive and the fact that they are made by someone in the family adds a personal and emotional touch to the room aesthetics. Animal or birds figurines attached to

a long strings and hung in different corners of the room can be a remarkable suggestion here.


As far as the color tone goes, it is advisable to consider your kid’s personal inclination as well. If they are allowed to voice out their personal choices, they feel inclusive and will have a feeling of living in their own space. Most often, they end up picking colors that reflect their age and imagination so it is better to let creativity flow in across their room and make them feel their opinions matter.


Kids love to be taken seriously and they acknowledge when parents go an extra mile for them. The same holds true for their furniture as well. Small tactics can leave a lasting impact on their minds leaving them all smiles. Opt for decorative artwork for finishing touches on their furniture and it sure is going to be an icing on the cake for them. A separate play section is also a smart way of decorating your kid’s room. It can include elements like bubble chairs and lots of empty spaces to encourage them to play that looks attractive to a great extent.




is important for your child, studies cannot be ignored too. Include a smart study space in your kid’s room that takes him back to a zone of optimum concentration. Utilize small areas in your kid’s room like the space between their closets, add custom made desk and a cute and comfortable chair and your


study space is ready in no time. Adding floating shelves can prove to be a great element to store your kid’s books and


, inculcating organizational skills in them. Create a theme in the room that reflects their personality, the popular ones being


zone with tin-built treehouse and a ladder cum slide for the extra touches. In short, the more customization the room has, the more you are spreading smiles around.

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