At Bertucci Decor, we specialize in doing what we know best-creating spaces that reflect ‘Modern Traditionalism’. Headed by creative honcho, Himanshu Kansal , Bertucci Decor is one of the finest Interior Designers Company in the country with its roots dated back to the year 1975. Our distinctive approach brings in world class designs to style your dream homes. We deliver urbane and sophisticated interiors with luxurious finishes and spontaneous blend of colors. We encourage all our clients to get creative with our superfluous range of sample designs and choose the design that is a reflection of their visions and values.

‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of Sophistication’- Leonardo Da Vinci

Our accomplished and vast body of work includes both commercial and residential projects. We are known to bring elegance and class of the Italian designs and architecture to India. Our work reflects modernity and we are proud to derive most of our inspiration from our immediate surroundings. Our signature style boasts of contemporary designs that are classy and every piece of art that we produce breathes out serenity that is rooted in the country’s ethnic culture. In short, our expertise lies in showcasing Indian art with an urbane and a modern twist.


Our created spaces have a unique magnetic pull that gives you a completely different sort of an experience. We blend our designs with intricate and delicate touches of art that is customized to suit your personality. We encourage spaces where we weave magic to bring spontaneity and creativity to come together giving rise to luxury interior designs and architectural projects at astonishingly reasonable prices.

Every masterpiece that we create speaks volume of our extensive research and rich background and is unique in its own ways. We create spaces that give you a sense of belonging. Our design philosophy stems on meticulous use of materials, sophisticated and well-balanced colors and strong silhouettes and we reinterpret them with an eccentric design appreciation.


Right from taking up your space, we add the glam quotient to it and do it up tastefully, making your dream space come alive right before your eyes. Our creations are infused with a unique and engaging idiosyncratic attribute. Our diligent team is intrinsically involved in even the slightest details and we work through several ideas cohesively. We adopt a practical approach when it comes to space management that epitomizes our style and sets us apart. We love to discover our client’s vision and we approach every project with a spirit of open-mindedness in an attempt to create something new.